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Phonature PhonTuner is an advanced guitar tuner that can also be used to tune violin, piano, and even vocal practice and singing like barbershop quartet. It is the FIRST real-time precision tuner to detect off-tuned notes in continuous performance and a cappella singing. It is the best companion for choir, musicians and studio / bandroom professionals. It can even tune up DRUM and other tricky instruments. With PhonTuner for your mobile phone, you don't need standalone tuners any more.

Enjoy seeing the secrets of popular singers' tonal accuracy and temperament used by top violinists ;-) It can also alerts when your piano needs tuning.

Based on the Mathematical Cochlea of Phonature theory, almost perfect pitch measurement over a 3 octave range can be clearly seen. Calibrated Sound Texture pattern in the middle reflects the timbre of sound and reveals fusing of multi-part voices.

PhonTuner indicates the playing note on the Mathematical Cochlea with a big dot and needle for you to see clearly whether it matches the target tone. Singing mode automatically shows singing or whistle in the chromatic scale


* Show the tone of the loudest note in multipart music (more than one sound input) or noisy environment.

* Tuning Modes with tuning marks for Cello, Viola, Violin, Guitar.

* 1 Singing Tuning Mode for vocal tuning with a range of C2 to C8 and automatic range tracking.

* 1 General Mode for general instrument tuning with range from C2 to C8 and automatic range tracking.

* Real-time indicator showing accurately the pitch of music. Even off-tuned notes of live performance, recording and CD can be located.

* Fast note tracking for singing & vibrato practice and to follow quick melodies. Your phone can now show depth of vibrato clearly.

* Frequency locking for musical instrument tuning to hold the frequency value of a tuning string when the sound is clearest.

* Fading effect for easy identification of pitch and error variation.

* Adjustable frequency scale to set reference note A4.

* Calibrated Sound Texture pattern reflects the timbre of sound.

* Background noise suppression.

* PhonTuner is a Shareware that stops after 60-second on trial.

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