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Tiny eBook Reader
Windows Media Skins
WM6 Homescreens (Multi Orientation)
WM5 Homescreens
QVGA Homescreens
QVGA Backgrounds
Standard Phone Backgrounds
GIF Animations


Tiny eBook Reader reads books in several formats, is lightning fast and highly configurable and can read books of any size.

While on the train, bus, or while waiting in a lineup, why not those minutes to constructive use and entertainment - read on your Phone or PDA -- it's always with you. No need to carry hardcover books, or draw attention to yourself by pulling out a paperback.

Supports TXT, HTML, ZIP, LIT (MS Reader format), TeBR, and PocketPC Magazine.


* Always with you
* Discreet
* Optimized for reading
* 2003 SE support Portrait, Landscape, Hi-res
* Ideal for students and commuters
* 1000s of free Public Domain and classic novels, just download and read.
* Average book is 200KB
* No file preparation - Download and read TXT files directly


* Format to your style: font, size, justification, spacing, borders, etc.
* Images displayed
* Special support for PocketPC Magazine subscribers
* Support internal and external link in HTML and LIT
* LIT file Table of Contents
* Unicode support any language (font required)
* Fast return to last read page
* Able to read ZIPped eBooks
* Support images in HTML and LIT
* ClearType support
* Able to read unlocked LIT eBooks
* Section/Chapter support for LIT eBooks
* HTML eBooks (removes formatting)
* Search and Bookmarks
* Unique Nighttime mode
* Lightning fast loading and returning to last page.
* Free Desktop version allows printing of some eBooks
* Registered version includes eBook creator, create your own books locked to your device, and optional password

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