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Photo Contacts 3.0
Windows Media Skins
WM6 Homescreens (Multi Orientation)
WM5 Homescreens
QVGA Homescreens
QVGA Backgrounds
Standard Phone Backgrounds
GIF Animations




Photo Contacts brings the Smartphone experience to a completely new and exciting level. You can now dial contacts by simply choosing their photograph; when someone calls, you will easily see their photo on the Smartphone's screen before you choose to answer. You will intelligently integrate your contact and photo databases using our SmartNameTM technology.

Photo Contacts integrates easy to see Full Screen and Business Photo Caller ID, PhotoBeam and SmartNameTM technologies into one fun, exciting and easy to use application.

Here is a full list of new features in version 3.0:

* Windows Mobile 5 Compatibility

* Support for QVGA screen devices (portrait and landscape modes)

* New Business Photo Caller ID mode shows a large picture of the caller together with the caller's Company, Title and phone number shown in large font

* Category Filter lets you easily group contacts by category, switch between categories and restrict visible contacts

* New Photo Manager allows you to assign caller ID pictures to contacts, categories and Unknown and Private callers

* Create new contacts, edit contacts, duplicate and remove contacts inside Photo Contacts

* Ability to assign the hardware contacts button to open Photo Contacts

* Enhanced contact search via Text Filter

* Ability to preview Photo Caller ID modes

* Performance improvements

* New themes (skins)

* Various other enhancements

* Extensive Quick Help is now available in the program

* Visual Users Guide (PDF) is bundled with the program

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